Monday, June 27, 2011

The fruits of the carribean

A cover for the manbits

A dolphin show in the the Caribbean

Okay, another sunset picture

A view towards the old city at sunset

One of our final sunsets from Bocagranda, Cartagena

My boys

One of our final sunsets in Cartagena

The seller of a carved head that Corbin bought

Canons along the wall to protect the city

A view of the Naval museum

Capitan Corbino

Bazooka Corbin

The conversion of the locals

Beautiful Cartagena

Plaza de la Aduana

The portals of sweets

Arepas - mini cheesy cakes

Public Art

The streets of Cartagena

Plaza de Santa Domingo

Playing O-Hell

The volcano of mud

A view from the volcano

The Haley Boys and Jay in the mud

Playing in the mud

Muddy Corbin

Local art

More gold artifacts

A beautiful face

Gold Museum

Beautiful Cartagena

Rafting fun

Negotiating a price 25,000 peso ($16) for a 10 minute ride.

Another nice day here

Sunset of the day from our flat

The simple life of Cartagena

Carl and Jay in Cartagena

Bocagrande area of Cartagena

The English speakers get a recap of the Spanish explanation

Negotiating a hat sale

Corbin and the Chiva Bus