Thursday, October 21, 2010

After a grueling 4.5 hour car ride on the worst roads in Africa, we arrive at Les Grottes d'Anjohibe

Carl and our guide for the day, Bobu, prepare to enter the caves

Where the stalactites become stalagmites

Explorers Corbin and Carl have NO idea they will encounter hundreds of bats soon

These cave go on for 5 kms underground

It was pitch black at different places in the grotto

We found a hippo fossil from when this used to be underwater thousands of years ago.


When he vanished in this beam of light, we thought he was the chosen one. Then later we found him on the US Enterprise.

Views up to the outside world

The cave of HUNDREDS of bats

After lunch we all decide to take a dip

Cooling off in the swimming hole

A tree dripping with lemurs

Mom with a one year old on her back

Looking and studying


Feeding mother and child

Hanging out

Image the lemurs body position as a yoga pose

I can almost reach

The lake turns in a spectacular waterfall

After a long day, we are greeted with a meal grilled fish and veggies au gratin

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creative moments in adverse situations

Houston, we have a problem.


Corbin loves the opportunity to get dirty

The kids mug for the camera

It takes a village!

Come see what our house in Madagascar looks like!

Our starter at lunch that Lolo made: lobster with tomato and fried shrimp

Playing Legos in his room

Corbin helps Mafali clean the crabs

Gardner Mafali, Cook Lolo and housekeeper Yvette

The view form the veranda out to the Mozambique Channel/Indian Ocean

Our Living Room

Terry hanging out on the veranda of our house