Sunday, September 5, 2010

Robert and Carl decide to take the boys and the two neighbors climbing on a beautiful Saturday

Who needs seats when you've got lots of padding?

Our destination for the day: The Magaliesburg Nature Reserve

Looking out towards Johannesburg

Hiking through the African savanna

Cameron, Amy and Kyle hiking in

We finally reached the climbing area

Robert leads the climb first and set up a top rope

Corbin makes it up over the side of the wall

Climbing Kyle

Climbing straight up the wall

Cam, Kyle and Uncle Bobert

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Corbin, Cameron and Kyle happy to be together

The Geek Squad in front of their laptops

Corbin joins the twins for a day at their school

Corbin and I bought fake cigarettes that we show off

Our welcome dinner at the Drotskys

Waiting for the rental car with our 6 big bags and 3 carry-ons

Waking up over Malawi on our way to country #3: South Africa

Corbin enjoys the "Kids Room" of the British Airways Business Class lounge

The adults enjoy their own fun: Gin & Tonics. It was a lovely oasis in a busy Terminal 5 Heathrow airport

We love visiting Wagamama every time we're in London

Terry was chosen to help out a juggler

Corbin eyes some magic tricks

Enjoying the shows of Covent Garden

The chase is on!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We are SOAKED!

Rain can't stop the fun. At least we can still drink our wine! (Don't be fooled, Karin has champagne in her cup!)

Here's how you enjoy the day if you aren't a Lord or Lady

Polo: Football for the rich

Finishing up the match

Love Never Dies - the sequel to Phantom

Palestinian & Israeli protesters in front of a Israel food shop in London

Corbin in front of the Rosetta Stone as featured in The Red Pyramid

Karin, Terry, Corbin, Richard and Carl in front of the British Museum

Terry shows a baboon, Thoth, mentioned in book, The Red Pyramid

An Egyptian Door

Erhan and Carl at our last supper

For our last meal, Erhan took us to Ciya

Goodbye Istanbul

Our final sunset in Istanbul