Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Terry was chosen by a street performer to aid in a feat of strength

He withstands all of Terry's weight while lying on the bed of nails!!

Terry is unamused by this whole show.

An afternoon in North Berwick

We decided to travel about 30 mins from Edinburgh to visit the Seabird
Center in North Berwick. It's a darling seaside town that we can see off in
the distance from our flat.

Corbin and Chris found some friends to play with

North Berwick: a quaint seaside village

A large puffin and Gram

Three hour walking tour of Edinburgh with our guide, Andra

All of us really enjoyed this fun and informative tour of Edinburgh.

Andra does a demonstration on Corbin showing how they used to nail the ear of bad people to the wooden door of this fountain

Central Edinburgh

Carl next to David Hume's lucky toe!

You rub it as you walk by!

A close-up of Edinburgh Castle

In the middle of the tour, we stopped for a nice break

Greyfriar's Bobby

Andra performs a final dramatic reinactment at the end of the tour

A foggy day in Scotland town

Greyfriar's Bobby's Memorial

This memorial remembers a special dog who would come to his master's grave
after he died. Disney made a movie about the dog in 1961.

Terry took the boys to the science museum, Our Dynamic Earth

We started our journey up Arthur's seat going straight up

A stunning view out over Edinburgh towards the Castle

Chris enjoys a restful moment

There was a slight wind

Corbin enjoys a bouldering moment

The Museum of Flying: North Berwick, Scotland

Just a short train and bus ride away from Edinburgh is the Museum of Flying.
They had over 50 planes to explore including a British Airways Concorde. It
was a great museum that we all really enjoyed.

I got to tell the boys about my Concorde flight from 2003 only three months
before they cancelled all Concorde services. Here's the trip report I wrote
about my flight:

At the entrance to the Concorde

The entrance door is amazingly small.

Corbin and Chris are our supersonic pilots

The first jet ever from 1956: A Comet

They didn't have a very good safety record. Lots of crashes/problems. Oops.

Info on the Comet

Fasten your seatbelts...

A cool old jet

Flying Corbin

Even a German plane shot down in Scotland

Playing at a park in the pouring rain

VIDEO: A rainy moment in Edinburgh

Church turned lighting shop

Is religion dead?

A Jousting Festival near Edinburgh

On our second full day in Scotland, we heard about this jousting festival
about 20 minutes outside of Edinburgh at Linlithgow Castle. It was a
beautiful setting near a lake where they performed two one-hour shows. The
kids loved it. And we ate our first fish and chips! Yummy.

Jousting Folk

The Jousting field

A jousting participant

Fa made some Cajun style croissants

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carl, Terry, Corbin and Chris are checked in for their first flight.

Corbin's friend Chris will be joining us in Scotland for the first two

Welcome to Carl's Travel Blog

On July 1, my family and I set out on an amazing adventure. During the next year, we will fly 86,000 miles, live in twelve countries and visit six continents.