Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Corbin watches the sun yet again

Vina de Mar is very beautiful especially at sunset

He digs until the sun is gone

Couchsurfers Peter and his partner Seba show us how to make Pisco Sours and we have a great dinner together

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is a key ingredient in a Pisco Sour

Shaken, not stirred

Seba shows us how to make the national drink of Chile: Pisco Sour

Bartender Terry happily learns from Bartender Seba

Mango Pisco Sours! Super yummy!!

Time to eat!

Corbin plays on the beach at sunset

Okay, it's a bomb shelter

How deep can he go?

Afternoon fun: digging a HUGE hole

The fiery skies of the Pacific

Another beautiful day in Chile

Almost a sunset view from our new apartment

Our second winery of the day

The beautiful colors of the vineyard

They rotate rows of plants through the vines

Poppies help the ground recover from the grape vines

Llama mom and kid

"I ain't been eating no grass. What makes you think that?"

The winery tries to maintain an ecological balance

Our guide explains the biodynamics approach to wine making

The workers each get land to grow vegetables

Time for more tastings

A great tasting at Casas del Bosque in Casablanca, Chile

Fifth Grade Around The World has an awesome cafeteria!

Our table of fun lunch

A Quartet of appetizers with wine pairing. Yummy!!!

Terry and Tom at the Casas del Bosque restaurant

Monday, May 23, 2011


A French grape that grows well here: Carmenere

Even though we just started, Terry looks like he's REALLY enjoying the experience.

The guide to all their amazing wines

My submission for a magazine cover

Our guide gives us the best wine tasting I've ever experienced

The wine cellar always has classical music playing. I'm not so sure about that.

The bottling machine

All their wines are aged in imported French oak barrels

Fermentation vats

Juice extractors

Corbin and Tom taste some grapes!

The autumn grapes of Casas del Bosque

A private tour of the vineyard

Corbin with sand art on the beach in front of our flat

Tom and my boys on the coast in Vina del Mar

VIDEO: Dare devil Corbin jumps off a bridge

Eleven months into our trip and we're still happy!

Everyone calls Vina del Mar the Miami of Chile