Monday, January 31, 2011

A presentation about Chess back at the Dawn International School

Corbin helps punt the boat

Working hard

Stopping off at a village

Our boat for the journey

Smell then taste

More delicious plants

Mmmmm. Cinnamon.

Touring the backwaters

Corbin at the edge of a sea of drying coconuts

Spinning away

Making string in the jungles of Southern India

The backwaters of Kerala

Almost Monet's inspiration

The boat's human motor

Our delicious Butter Chicken and Chapati meal

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lucy is an expert at rolling out perfectly circular chapatis

Eat local. Eat fresh. There is no other way.

The sun sets in Fort Cochin

Carl, Corbin and a cheesy mustache at sunset on Fort Cochin Beach

Lucy and Tim watching the sunset



After a month in India, Carl shaves leaving just the mustache. His inspiration was that 98% of India men have mustaches. Corbin gets some help from tea grounds.

Guest lecturers, Tim and Lucy, discuss the skeleton with Corbin

An early morning washing of the elephants

Getting your elephant clean is hard work

Corbin and Carl scrub the elephant with green coconut shells

The Haley Boys about to wash elephants

Terry, Lucy, Asha the Elephant, Lee and Tim

Corbin and Lucy clean and eight year old elephant

We all need a good scrubbing once in a while

The elephant washing center

Corbin on the way to wash elephants

I decide to make burritos for everyone at Jim and Lee's house

Singh and Nakhil make the tortillas using their chapati skills

Hanifa, his wife and their baby girl

Terry, Lee and Padam helping out in the kitchen

Playing the game which is a mix of checkers and pool

Cheese in a can: what will they think of next?

Two sweaty boys coming inside for a break

Marsha, Padam and Terry pick the chicken for burritos

There is a shop for everyone in India!

Lunch at the Brahmin restaurant for $0.65 each!

Fish doesn't get much fresher than this

Local fish for sale

Fishing with these old nets from China

Walking along the strand with Lee on a Saturday morning

Our living room full of friends: Tim and Lee

Masala Dosa with spicy coconut chutney

Jaya and Lucy working hard making dosas

Lucy helps make Masala Dosa