Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Haleys and Maloneys in New Zealand

Music lesson in your boxers

After 30 mins the boys make it to the middle of the maze!

1.4 km of garden hedge maze!

Brian, Annemarie, Josh, Jon, Corbin, Diane, Terry and Carl at the Bowron Bach

Corbin and Josh venture off to do the Skyluge!

Josh and Corbin riding the dog

We love the black sheep of the family

The babies

The second time in a month that Corbin milks a cow!

Corbin goes up on stage

Sheep shearing demonstration

A sheep show of course!

Yes, we're in New Zealand. Really.

Two boys and a ewe

Josh blows out the matches that are standing in for candles

Terry cuts Josh's cake

How's that for a lot of seven letter words. (We did change the rules a bit.)

Corbin gets an early morning trumpet lesson

Corbin rescues a basketball

Today's field trip

Grandpa and Grandma at a waterfall

Our Maori guide at the Buried Village

Typical Maori house

Ash covered village after the 1886 eruption

Maori chief

Not sure

More carvings

Maori carving

Corbin sports a new image

New Zealand's Black Swan

Playing with Grandpa on a fun swing

The jungles of NZ

A Maori boat made into a totem

Another view of our lake

Overlooking Lake Tarawera

An afternoon ice cream

Yes, there are sheep in New Zealand

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happiness is having grandma Di around!

Grandma and grandpa in front of the volcano of Mt. Tarawera

Quesadilla lunch in the garden

Grandpa Jon reads in the garden

School in New Zealand

Stunning views across the Lake Tarawera

Midday view out from our living room towards the volcano

A view from our house on Lake Tarawera, New Zealand

King Abdullah Carl and Prince Corby midflight

Prince Corby in his suite with the doors shut. Privacy, please!

After my shower at 39,000 ft

Another view of the shower room on Emirates A380 First Class