Monday, February 28, 2011

London Bridge of the Great Coast Road

The Arch of the Great Coast Road

Fa and Corby on the coast of Australia

Amazing colors in spite of a cloudy day

The stunning coastline of the Great Ocean Road

Our first koala in the wild as we are driving down a steet!

Terry almost throws Corbin down the cliffs

Guiding the ships

The beginning of the 12 Apostles

Our first glimpse of the Great Ocean Road

The teat is inside the pouch

Corbin and the nursing kangaroo

Kangaroo a grazing

Kangaroo in the wild

Kangaroo poop

Only in Australia

Janet took us all to a great "village" with beautiful buidlings

Aboriginal nod

Another artist's studio

A lovely house in the village

A local guitar maker

Another beautiful vista

The chapel

Watch your children!

A future wine taster

Tasting Chandon champagne

Domenic, Karen, Corby, Terry and Janet at Chandon

Playing with Wendy, our landlord's daughter

Luna Park: a tiny amusement park

A summer day at the St. Kilda beach

A beautiful lunch down in St. Kilda

On a nice stroll with Kyle and not pictured, Tom

Rowing in Studly Park

Riding on a YarraTram

Meeting up with Kyle and Tom at Federation Square

A great interactive animal exhibit

At the Melbourne Museum

Use recycled toilet paper to save trees where birds live

The stork brought me

Some of these are pelicans

A beautiful lizard