Monday, November 22, 2010

Ready for lunch after a sweat, dirty morning of climbing.

We spent the morning kakaking around

Such a beautiful setting

Climbing Doodle

Carl modeling his fashionable climbing glasses that let him see straight up the wall

Bob gets ready to belay

Two hit men on their day off

Corbin climbing up the rock

To get down from the cave, we abseiled out!

Railey beach from the cave

A view from the cave

About to enter a huge, dark cave

The rains began during our last climb of the day. Thank goodness that nylon dries fast.

The Thai prescription for tired climbing bodies: an Absolut Tonic

Belayingman Carl

The chalk marks show the way

Corbin starts the climb with Fa belaying

We first climbed a great wall at the end of Railay West

A view above Railay Beach

Our first views of Railay Beach

On the boat from Ao Nang to Railay West Beach

Eating some local Thai breakfast of pineaple, sticky rice and bean curd sweet fried balls

Us and a lot of women!

Our area has lots of Muslims

On the bus to see Harry Potter. Unfortunately, it was in Thai. :(

The fishing village at the port of Koh Pu

Corbin sits with our neighbors on the roof while the scarfed women sit underneath

On the boat to the mainland from Koh Pu

Playing soccer on the beach with some neighbor kids

Corbin builds bridges with his iPad

Dinner down at Joe and Olay's on the beach

The Haley Boys enjoying Thailand

Boys will be boys!

A beautiful Thai sunset

Robert geeking out on the veranda