Thursday, April 28, 2011

The afternoon sun on La Boca

Lunch down in La Boca

A sidewalk purchase

A Brazilian style band passes in front of our restaurant at lunch

We pose with two dancers

Happy seller

Dessert time

A passionate couple mid dance

Street Dancing in Matadores

Meat being cooked at the Feria de Matadores on Easter Sunday

Backyard Soccer

Is it too early for wine?

Carl, Con and the new puppy Thai

The late night catches up with The Con

Felipe and Lola chatting with Claudia's kids

Lola's sister Claudia made a great lentil soup

Lola's and Ivan's lovely appetizer spread

Our first evening cocktail hour together

Good Friday reinactment

Con holds his big piece of meat

Corbin marches with the guards

This is our Evita moment

A pondering porteño

Felipe and Mafalda

The gang in front of BA's skinniest house

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We ran into three guys from LA, two of which I recognized from my gym and the other I've had brunch with at Jim Dugan's house. Small world.

MALBA: museum of Latino art

When a public bench goes crazy

Minutes before our huge steaks all arrived

A view of BA from the Ecological Park

So happy to be our Lisa

A view over to the new development, Puerto Madero

On the banks of El Rio Plata

A view from Puerto Madero back towards the city

Ordering the amazing choripan

One of the culinary highlights of the trip: Choripan

The toppings for the choripan

On the widest street in BA, el 9 del Julio

Hugs from Bridgette

Hanging out at home

The gardens of the Park Hyatt

Fa takes Bridgette and Corby for High Tea the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

The sweets that Corbin and Brig chose

At the train museum

Maybe they'll work one day at the only Kosher restaurant outside of Israel

Terry took the kids to the "Kids Museum" where they got to experience working at McDonalds. Great.